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Johan Fryksborn

Johan Fryksborn, Business Area Manager Åre

The Åre market

What makes Åre an attractive locality for Diös?

“Åre has gone from being purely a ski resort to a popular year-round destination. The locality is now one of the country’s hottest places for business start-ups, networking and gastronomy. It has something for –everyone, at all times of year – whether you are looking for Åre’s throbbing nightlife or early-morning skiing, or live and work in the village. It is an attractive place that is teeming with entrepreneurs, especially in tourism, gastronomy and the start-up sector.”

What makes Åre an attractive locality for businesses and retailers?

“The combination of the active outdoor life and state-of-the-art premises in central properties is encouraging many businesses to establish a presence here. There are a lot of people moving about here and the concept of low season hardly exists any more, which creates a good basis for a thriving retail sector.”

How are you collaborating with other players in the locality?

“We have a good relationship local businesses and the Åre Local Authority through Åre Destination and House Be. This opens up for new business openings, both large and small.”

What were Diös’ focus areas in Åre in 2019?

“We have, for example, developed some ultra-modern office premises on Åre Torg, expanded House Be with stage 3 and established the Pinchos restaurant and Hotel Åre Torg in an attractive ski-in location.”

What will you be doing in 2020 and going forward?

“We will be providing premises for a new restaurant at Årekompaniet, which is something we know the 300 people who work there on a daily basis have been looking forward to. Årekompaniet was already home to Campus, the local health centre, the Police and STC Gym as well as the House Be co-working space, which in the spring will expand its floor space by another 500 sq.m, having already outgrown its existing premises. Otherwise, we will continue to be active in our tenant relations, in order to pick up ideas and wishes that can enable us to continue to meet the wishes and requirements of the modern Åre resident.”

No major projects

Market Rents and Yield

Source: Pangea Research - The figures refer to the average for properties in prime locations.

Rent, SEK/sq.m Yield, %
Office 1,200 7.25
Retail 1,200 6.50
Residential 1,287 4.75