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Mikael Hedh

Mikael Hedh, Business Area Manager Mora

The Mora market

What makes Mora an attractive city for Diös?

Mora is a strong tourist destination that keeps growing, with a good mix of shops, services and experiences. This is the regional capital of northern Dalarna and the gateway to the county’s mountains. The city’s constant growth is partly due to the tourist industry, which attracts a large number of visitors in both summer and winter. Mora has a wide range of sports facilities and hosts sporting events that put the city on the map, foremost of which is the enormous Vasaloppet ski race. The city’s proximity to Norway is a boon to local retailers and Mora has become a meeting place and centre of trade for many people.

What makes Mora an attractive locality for businesses and retailers?

“Mora has a large catchment area and a good mix of local players and major companies. We also have strong entrepreneurship. Everyone that is active in Mora tries to do their bit to maintain an attractive range of services and to continually develop the city.”

How are you collaborating with other players in the locality?

“We have a good interaction and dialogue with the local authority, politicians, government officials, other property owners in the centre and Visit Dalarna. We have regular meetings in a property team with representatives of city centre businesses and activities. We are also active in Regionstad Mora, where we hold a directorship. As the largest private property owner, we of course want to be driver and leader in increasing the attractiveness of central Mora.”

What were Diös’ focus areas in Mora in 2019?

“All significant vacancies have been filled with attractive tenants, which increases the flow in the centre of town. We have provided premises for a 1,400 sq.m gym (Actic) in a central location, redeveloped the 760 sq.m premises for Lantmäteriet and provided premises for Jeansbolaget. We have also initiated work on adapting premises for a new restaurant, Käk & Plock.”

What will you be doing in 2020 and going forward?

“We will continue our important efforts to bring in more residents and increase the flow of people in the central areas. We will ensure that vacancies receive new tenants who fill gaps in the city’s existing range of services, so that we can maintain and develop a living city centre at a time of ever increasing competition from online retailers. We are also planning some new builds.”

No major projects

Market Rents and Yield

Source: Pangea Research - The figures refer to the average for properties in prime locations.

Rent, SEK/sq.m Yield, %
Office 1,100 7.25
Retail 1,200 7.50
Residential 1,283 5.00