Our financing activities are aimed at supporting our property business by meeting its capital requirements and managing the Group’s financial risks. To be able to create long-term value, Diös strives to maintain a stable, well balanced and cost-effective financing structure.


Loan-to-value ratio [%]


Average interest rate [%]

2.1 times

Interest cover ratio [times]


Equity ratio [%]


Secured loan-to-value ratio [%]

10 times

Net debt to EBITDA [times]

Diversified revenues


Rental income from public related tenants

Rental value per type of premises

Rental value per business area


Contracted rental income, SEKm


No. of rental contracts


Ten largest tenants, share of total

Financial Policy

Policy Target
Loan-to-value ratio < 65% < 55%
Interest coverage ratio > 1.8 times
Currency risk Not allowed
Liquidity risk Liquidity reserve to meet payment obligations
Equity ratio > 25% > 35%

The financial policy is a stand-alone document that is separate from the financial targets, which means that differences occur. The Group’s covenants cover equity ratio, loan-to-value-ratio and interest coverage ratio. The minimum equity ratio is 25 per cent, the loan-to-value ratio must not exceed 65 per cent and the interest coverage ratio must be greater than 1.8 times.