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Maria Fjellstrom

Maria Fjellström, Business Area Manager Skellefteå

The Skellefteå market

What makes Skellefteå an attractive city for Diös?

“Skellefteå is a city under development. An entirely new city is taking shape, with housing, workplaces, transports and infrastructure. The expansion of the city is based on the assumption that Skellefteå will have a population of 100,000 in the future. Work on Northvolt, Europe’s largest battery plant, began in August and the plant is expected to up and running in 2021. This is a unique industrial project that will generate up to 3,000 new jobs and is also a positive catalyst in the growth process that puts Skellefteå on the map and draws attention to what is happening here.”

What makes Skellefteå an attractive city for businesses and retailers?

“In the near future, many people will live and work here. Our city therefore needs more of everything to meet the needs of new and existing residents. One construction project is a new cultural centre, Sara. “The city has an unswerving belief in the future and a will to develop, and there is a clear focus on working together to meet the population growth at all levels.”

How are you collaborating with other players in the locality?

“To successfully develop a city at this pace, we need to do it together. We of course participate in all forums where we can help to develop and create a more living and safe central district as the city grows.”

What were diös’ Focus areas in Skellefteå in 2019?

“We are at the detailed development plan stage with Polaris, a planned new build comprising residential and commercial premises. In the autumn, we also acquired Mimer 4 and 7. We have made several attractive tenant improvements for our office tenants, with the project for Swedbank being the most extensive. We have provided premises for a new tenant, the Italian restaurant La Cena, in Orion 8 and Houdinis Hideout, an escape room concept, has opened in the basement of Hjorten 5.”

What will you be doing in 2020 and going forward?

“There are a lot of exciting things happening in terms of the development and content of our existing properties. We will, for example, be developing the Hjorten 5 property across all segments. We are working continuously to become an even better property owner and landlord. Relationships are the foundation for everything we do. We will continue to invest in our strong property portfolio in the city in order to play an even greater role in urban development. We will help to make Skellefteå one of Sweden’s most inspiring cities!”

No major projects

Market Rents and Yield

Source: Pangea Research - The figures refer to the average for properties in prime locations.

Rent, SEK/sq.m Yield, %
Office 1,400 6.75
Retail 2,300 6.25
Residential 1,658 4.00