Executive Management

Knut Rost, CEO


Born 1959. CEO of Diös since 2014

Shareholdings in Diös: 18,650

Previous experience: various positions within ICA Fastigheter in Västerås and at Castellum. Samling Näringsliv Jämtlands län Ekonomiska förening, Biathlon Invest Events i Sverige AB, Peak Region AB and Destination Östersund AB.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering with a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 95 01

Rolf Larsson, CFO


Born 1964. CFO of Diös since 2005

Shareholdings in Diös: 14,000

Previous experience: Acting CEO of Inlandsbanan AB, Administrative Director of Haninge Bostäder and Director of Accounting at Haningehem.

Education: M.Sc. in Economics and Business and Executive MBA.

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 95 03

Mia Forsgren, Chief Communication Officer


Born 1969. Chief Communication Officer in Diös since 2016

Shareholdings in Diös: 3,656

Previous experience: Marketing Director at Universal Music, CEO of Tre Kronor, CEO at Ogilvy Destination Media and own consultancy agency in PR and communications.

Education: Institute for International Education, Marketing, Stockholm University.

Phone: +46 (0)70-324 40 00

Sofie Stark, Director of Property Management


Born 1971. Employed in Diös since 2016, Director of Property Management since 2020

Shareholdings in Diös: 11,500

Previous experience: Over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry in several companies such as Klövern, Tvättbjörnen Förvaltning. Business Manager Sollefteå Municipality and own consulting firm in real estate and finance.

Education: Business and Economics at Umeå University.

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 96 50

Mats Eriksson, Director of Projects


Born 1964. Employed as Director of Projects at Diös since 2016, member of Executive Management since 2020

Shareholdings in Diös: 8,000

Previous work experience: Over 20 years of experience mixed with construction production, business development and the real estate industry within Skanska Sverige AB and Diös.

Education: Construction production, Finance, Leadership and construction law.

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 95 13

Annie Franzon, Head of Transactions


Born 1988, Employed in Diös since 2014, Head of Transactions

Shareholdings in Diös: 1,070

Previous experience: Various positions in finance, valuation and transaction at Diös, prior to that finance issues at Akelius and Stena Recycling AB.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Economic Property Management - Real Estate Management Gävle University, selection of courses at Santa Monica College, USA.

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 95 08

Johan Dernmar, Head of IR


Born 1984, Employed in Diös since 2015, Head of IR since 2021

Shareholdings in Diös: 7255

Previous work experience: 7 years of experience from Treasury and Investor Relations at SBAB Bank.

Education: Bachelor of Economics from Linköping University

Phone: +46 (0)10-470 95 20